Heartbroken woman thinks she’s found ‘proof’ boyfriend is cheating – then realises error

A woman thought she had found proof that her boyfriend was cheating, but was left red-faced when she posted a picture online and friends pointed out her hilarious mistake.

The Facebook user shared an image of the ‘condom’ she had found down the side of the sofa, thinking she had a sure-fire clue that her partner had been adulterous.

The image showed a clear plastic sheath but, although the woman’s friends thought the item looked familiar, they didn’t think it was proof her partner was on the prowl.

As reported in the Daily Star, the woman’s friends pointed out that what she had found was in fact part of the packaging for a Peperami.

After finding the item down the side of her sofa, the woman posted online: “I fink [name redacted] is cheating on me… just found this down side of sofa.”

The post was shared in a group where over 160,000 members responded to the woman and pointed out that the condom was actually a Peperami wrapper.

The salami sausage snack comes wrapped in foil and then with a thin plastic tubing on the outside.

One commenter said: “Think that’s the last thing she needs to worry about if she thinks that would fit him…”

While another added: “Worse than cheating. If my man ate my Peperami and shoved the wrapper down the sofa I’d be devastated.”

“She thinks very little of him clearly,” noted another.

While a jokester wrote: “He was just in the mood for a bit of sausage..!”