My mum refuses to call my baby by her real name and instead calls her Sushi’

A woman was left furious after her mum told her she hopes that she doesn’t give birth to a baby girl as she hates the name she chose.

In an anonymous post on Reddit, the woman, who is trying for a baby, said she and her partner already have two concrete names picked out.

“We decided not to tell anyone the names until our baby was born and already had it on the birth certificate (because what can they say at that point?),” she said.

But then “my mom found my list of girls’ names and spread our top choice around to the whole family who hates it,” she revealed.

“My partner is Irish, and we both love the name Saoirse (Ser-Sha),” the woman put.

Adding: “There’s a famous actress with the same name so we didn’t think it would be a huge deal.”

But her mum told her if she gives birth to a little girl, she won’t call her by her given name and will instead call her ‘Sushi’.

Her entire family then jumped on board with this and began “harassing” her about the name.

“Honestly, I know I shouldn’t stress too much as there’s a fifty-fifty chance I’ll have a baby boy anyway, but the discourse around the name has really started to aggravate me and the idea that my kid is going to be bullied by my whole family because she has an Irish name is getting under my skin,” she said.

The woman explained that the last time her mum asked her if she’d gotten a positive pregnancy test, she said no, to which her mum said: “well let’s hope it’s not a girl because she’s Sushi to me.”

“I flat out told my mother I don’t care for her opinion as she has s*** taste in names anyway.”

When her mum asked her what she meant by that, she revealed that she’s always hated her own name, which is why it’s so important she choose a special name for her daughter.

“She was extremely hurt that I didn’t like my name and the general consensus is I’m a jerk for saying so,” she added.

The woman wondered whether she was in the wrong for how she acted, but everyone agreed that her mum was just “cruel” for disregarding the name completely.

One person said: “If you insist on calling my daughter Sushi, I’ll insist on calling you the Grandma We Don’t See.”

Another commented: “Honestly I’d reconsider having them in my child’s life at all, boy or girl if they are being this cruel before the baby even exists.”

“Tbh if I was [original poster] and she asked to see sushi, I’d make sure I had some actual Sushi ready to show her,” joked a third.

Someone else put: “Saoirse is a classic and beautiful Irish girl name, and quite frankly your mother is being rather culturally bigoted. Which you should point out. Repeatedly.”