Truck driver praised for incredible act of kindness as he helps old lady avoid huge puddle

A heart-warming video showing the moment a truck driver stopped to help an old lady avoid a puddle, in a seemingly random act of kindness, has gone viral.

The old woman, who struggles to walk, can be seen trying to access her car but a giant puddle has formed between the path and her door.

There are at least a few feet of water she has to cross, which must be several inches deep, which would have left her completely soaked.

So a truck driver stopped to help the woman, by position his vehicle in just the right place so that she can use the tail-lift to walk to the door of her car.

The video was shared on TikTok on Wednesday, May 12, and it has already received 608k likes.

After the driver backs the truck into the right place and lowers the lift, the woman can be seen successfully walking to her car and climbing in.

Many people commented on the post to praise the truck driver, describing the act as ‘wholesome’.

One said: “My heart melted.”

While another added: “Hope these guys get some good karma back.”

And another said: “This is the sweetest thing ever.”

And one person said: “Nothing more fulfilling than helping others, nice one fellas.”

While another quipped: “Grandma said: Bingo night, rain or shine.”