Twin refuses to be best man for his identical brother – because he’s marrying his ex

A man has sparked a debate after refusing to be his twin brother’s best man – because his identical sibling is marrying his ex.

The 21-year-old man, who has remained anonymous, said he had dated the girl five years earlier when they were both 16 and they stayed together for two years.

But when the time came for them to go to university, the pair decided to split as the man didn’t want to stay local – his ex, however, stayed in the same town.

When the man came home from university he discovered that his identical twin had a girlfriend, but was shocked to discover it was the same girl he had dated.

Then his shock turned to horror as the pair got engaged, and the brother asked his twin to be his best man – and he refused.

Sharing the story on Reddit, the twin said: “I first started dating my now ex-girlfriend when we were both 16, however, we made the decision to break up before heading off to college when we were 18.

“I decided to go a few hours away while she decided to stay local. Also, note that my girlfriend was very close with my family so this was hard on my family as well.

“When returning home from my first year of college, my brother surprised me with the news that he had been dating a girl for over six months now.

“The only problem – it was my ex-girlfriend.”

The twin said he was angry at his brother, but together they salvaged their relationship by agreeing that the three would never mingle together.

He continued: “I was obviously p****d and my brother understood but made it clear he had no intention of breaking up with her.

“Eventually we came to the agreement that we would continue our relationship if he never mentioned her to me or made us interact – he happily agreed to these terms.

“However, recently my brother surprised me with the news that the two of them are now engaged, and he wants me to be his best man.

“I told him absolutely not.

“He and I had agreed from the beginning that I would not have to attend any event where my ex would be there.

“My whole family is calling me selfish and telling me I can suck it up for one night. But I just don’t feel comfortable being the best man at my ex’s wedding.”

The man sparked debate by sharing his story online, as although most people agreed he wasn’t in the wrong many thought the situation was very delicate.

One user posted: “I think dating your sibling’s ex is a scummy thing to do.

“I think you handle the entire situation well, better than most people would, with the agreement you both came up with.

“I’m actually shocked your brother thought you’d say yes? Like that generally baffles me, why on earth would you be the best man at your brothers and ex-girlfriends wedding.”

And another user posted: “I don’t know if you’re in the wrong, but if you’re going to spend the rest of your life religiously avoiding the person your twin is married to because you dated her in high school, that’s gonna make life pretty weird.

“Might be a good time to move forward for your sake and theirs.”