September 17, 2011

What Can Asheville, NC Offer Tourists?

When you really want to get away during your vacation, it’s hard to beat the laid back atmosphere of Asheville, NC. Whether you are into hiking, music, shopping or visiting historic landmarks, Asheville has an attraction that will suit you.

The western wall of the Biltmore Estate in Ash...

Visit The Biltmore Estate

George Washington Vanderbilt II had the Biltmore House constructed on his family’s property between 1880 and 1895. Today, it is still the largest privately owned home in the country. No description could evoke the splendor of the Biltmore Estate. In addition to the 250-room mansion, you can also visit the estate’s sprawling gardens.

The Biltmore Estate has developed into one of Asheville’s most popular tourist destinations. You can visit without reservations, but you should book tours ahead of time. The estate also has recreational activities such as kayaking and horseback riding.

Enjoy the Outdoors

You won’t have any problems finding a cabin near Asheville. The town has become famous for the beauty of its surrounding environment. You will have a blast exploring mountain trails, riding river rapids or leisurely sitting on the deck of your cabin.

Dining and Drinking in Asheville

Make a list of some of the best spots to eat and drink before heading to Asheville. You simply must include Early Girl Eatery, the Green Man and Sunny Point Café. If you want drinks following dinner, then visit the Thirsty Monk. This expansive bar has over 60 beers on tap. Enjoy American craft beers upstairs or head into the basement for Belgian brews.

Asheville has the appeal of a small town, but it still offers tourists a lot to do. Check out some of the city’s attractions before you plan your next vacation.

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