September 16, 2011

Assembling a Technology Team for a Web Startup

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In an age where starting your own business is a reality for anyone with a computer and Internet access, entrepreneurs come up with innovative concepts all of the time. Some of these ideas require people with technology skills to bring the business idea into reality. While the average person can learn to create a basic website and interact with customers, some web startups require more advanced technology skills. Business leaders must carefully assemble technology teams to avoid unwanted delays or unnecessary waste of capital.

Using a Technology Consultant

Assembling a technology team can be a daunting task for an entrepreneur who is new to web startups and technology in general. The best approach is to rely on a technology consultant, a trusted friend or acquaintance who is an expert in the technology field. The consultant does not have to be a web developer, but he or she does need to understand the skills that are required to build websites that involve complicated coding.

Hiring a Web Developer

Finding the right web developer requires identifying the features of the website as well as the programming platform. Depending on the specific project, the web developer must be familiar with database programming. Not all web developers know the same programming languages. A technology consultant can facilitate the communication between the business leader and the web developer about the technical aspects.

Finding Web Designers

A graphic designer is not necessarily a web designer. Some graphic designers can only design for print publications. A web designer has knowledge of design and HTML in order to transfer designs to the Web. Most accomplished web designers have an extensive portfolio of prior work to show prospective clients.




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